Goldberry Roasting Company is into great stories…stories of coffee, stories of those who grow it and stories of those who enjoy drinking it. In fact we don’t really see ourselves as a coffee supplier as much as a storyteller. In every bean we roast there is a vibrant tale to be told of the unique land, culture and climate that brought it to life. Each time you enjoy our coffee you are becoming part of these stories. That’s what we love most about sharing our coffee with you.

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Through the medium of coffee, we have the rich opportunity of becoming part of the stories of struggling coffee farmers and their communities. We’re committed to finding ways to partner with these neighbors so that their lives might be enriched economically, spiritually and socially. Seeking to help these good people write new chapters of ongoing, sustainable, abundant life is the compelling mission of Goldberry Roasting Company.

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Coffee has been a social-networking tool since long before Facebook and YouTube. For centuries coffee has witnessed the rich moments of life: romance, milestones, conversations, decisions and inspiration.  We continue to see life happen all around coffee and we want to share those stories too.

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